We provide the most reliable and professional business solutions

We are a world-class certified service provider that offers online and offline business solutions that are sure to give our clients the confidence that they are getting only the best.

Interview transcription service.

Talk to us, we can help you have your best interview transcription with our famous guarantee of world class quality standards with all our transcription service backed by our ISO certification.

We also guarantee high accuracy on all of our interview transcription services.

Our interview transcription service is fast and easy- just upload your file so we could transcribe audio to text for your online and offline needs.

speech translation services.

Our speech translation services involve translating speeches delivered or presented in the foreign-spoken language and translated into a desired target language. One key consideration is the demand for accuracy with the translated work.

In order to do this, we employ only carefully selected expert native-speaking translators to be able to provide our clients with nothing but the best speech translation work available.

 Cart captioning services.

CART (communication access real-time translation) captioning, is the latest in captioning services where it is often used in real-time stenography and captioning.

This service demands a high level of precision, due to the fact that this is being used by court stenographers, court reporters, law firms, voice writers and audio transcribers to convert speech to text.

We assure our clients that we provide only the best and do not sacrifice quality.

On hold voice over

Introducing our on hold voice over services where we can help provide that character your customers may need to hear while waiting for another person to get back to them when placed on hold.

Customers would rather listen to a properly modulated voice that would make people think they are in fact staying on the line with a human and not silence.

Dictation typing

We have the right typing experts to handle your dictation typing needs. Whether it is for corporate documentation, meeting discussions, novel dictations and research dictations, among many others, you have come to the right place to provide you the impeccable service that you need.

Highly accurate, our world-class service is certified international quality.